Dominik Sokolowski

Dominik Sokolowski

Born in Poland, Sokolowski spent his youth in the province of Quebec, Canada, where he studied Art and Graphic Design at the University. Very early in his career he developed a unique and distinctive style which quickly won him the recognition of well-established gallery owners such as Ottawa’s Jean-Claude Bergeron.

Sokolowski’s strong commitment to his art has earned him, at a young age, appreciation, a visible presence and a clear success in Canada as well as abroad. His works are showcased in many international galleries and art fairs. They are acquired by private, corporate and institutional collectors in Canada, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Unites States and United Kindom.

Sokolowski’s skill, energy and passion contribute to his growth as an artist and to creating profusely, with a rare maturity. Over the years, he has persistently been innovative, challenging himself constantly and expanding his artistic horizon. His extensive production never fails to impress collectors. His works are diverse, exciting and intense within a highly personal style that is unmistakable, original and typical.

Given his present-day notoriety and value, it is hard to believe that only ten years ago Sokolowski emerged on the visual arts scene, with his brilliant and colourful style. Art lovers who have followed Sokolowski and who appreciate him can expect more innovations from him and will not be surprised to see his influence on the art scene expand and grow. As Thomas Edison once said, “genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”. This applies well to Sokolowski whose engagement, devotion and work ethic are reminiscent of the Old Masters. He is a driven creator, sometimes to an obsessive degree, and hard-working. At the same time, he is disciplined, well organized and a reliable exhibitor respectful of deadlines.

Sokolowski’s supporters, clients and collectors anticipate his new work and exhibitions with enthusiasm. They appreciate his flair and cutting edge style and know he always creates high quality pieces, fresh, innovative and consistently good.

Sokolowski is a true world-class artist with international projection. His unique style and well- established originality, impressive for a visual artist of his age, ensure that his work will become increasingly desired and sought after as his success and appreciation continue to grow.
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