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Rob van Bergen

Rob van Bergen (1952) studied at the Academy for Expressive Forming in Amersfoort.

He started to work for 20 years abstract with glass and exposed successfully. Besides he moulded models and made bronze prints of the sculptures of clay. Since 2007 he only works with ceramics, because he can see bright and dark better in the white clay. The last years he specialized on portraits, beside the model moulding. On one hand it is about resembling portraits from a model, on the other hand he lets the resemblance go. He moulds the massive portrait on a standard and hollows it out later. It makes it less heavy. The hollowing makes the sculpture less vulnerable in the baking process in the oven (1220, stoneware).
The portraits will be hanged on an iron bar which sticks loose in the base.

The work of Rob van Bergen distinguishes itself by the combination of ceramics with other materials like fabrics, sisal, India paper, handmade paper, buttons, lace, dried flowers and sepia ink. The fabrics come from a classic furnishing company, familiar area form him by the profession of his father. Rob van Bergen is inspired by the Renaissance, opera and costume movies. It is a combination of all used materials and techniques of 30 years of being an artist.

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